Love Your Nose! Get it Pierced!

Love Your Nose! Get it Pierced!

Beautiful Pierced Nose

Have you considered getting your nose pierced? Something you’ve always loved, and think it’ll be a fun new addition? You’re not the only one! Nose piercings have become more than just a trendy facial accessory; millions of women all over the world have taken to this style, and adore the shine, and beauty a nose piercing brings to their faces. Originating in India, the goddess Lakshmi was depicted with a pierced nose, and inspired millions of women over the past several thousand years to do the same.


There are three different types of ways to have piercings done on your nose: nostril, septum, and bridge. Nostril piercings are by far the most common, especially amongst women. The different types of jewellery that can be worn in the nose include a vast variety of stylish studs, ball heads, nose bones, and hoops. There are infinite amounts of different jewels, designs, colors, and unique rings that are available- so in a sea of nose rings you will never have to bother blending into the crowd. Minute jeweled flowers, dolphins, stars, and hearts add fun and sparkle to your face. Hoops, either simple and solid, or jeweled, add a little classic flair to your nose piercing. Nose bones are designed to be a one-size-fits-all kind of ring, and adored by many who have pierced noses.

One thing to keep in mind when purchasing jewelry for your piercing is to choose a reputable retailer. Do not settle for cheaply made body jewellery for any of your piercings. High grade, 316L surgical steel, 14k solid gold, titanium, acrylic, and 14k gold plated surgical steel are the best choices for wearing in your nose piercing. These are the safest, highest quality materials that will bring you satisfaction in their durability, comfort, and ability to resist infection.

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