The many types of the Tongue Piercing

The many types of the Tongue Piercing


One of the most popular forms of tongue piercings is the tongue piercing. People really seem to like jamming a needle into one of their most sensitive muscles, permanently leaving a large steel object embedded into it, which can take up to a year to stop hurting when it’s your first time. But in all seriousness, tongue piercings have had enduring popularity within the body piercing community, which of course, has led to there being many different types of tongue piercings made over the years. Whether it be barbells or tongue rings, there are a myriad of different ways to pierce your tongue. If you’re interested in some of the more common types, read on for a short guide.

#1. Midline Piercing

This here is the most common, traditional form of tongue piercing. As the name suggests, it’s placed in the middle part, specifically 1.9 cm away from the tip of the tongue. And while some piercers use other forms of piercings, the most common one to use with a midline piercing is a straight barbell.

#2. Frenulum linguae style piercings

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A unique, hidden form of tongue piercing, the frenulum linguae piercing is one where it is perforated beneath the tongue. It is therefore only visible when the tongue is lifted all the way up, against the heard palate. Not really a place for straight barbells, the most common forms of piercing for this area would be curved or circular barbells.

#3. Tongue web style piercings

This is where two perforations are made on both sides of the tongue, directly across from each other. Other names for this piercing include double tongue piercing or venom piercing, and it commonly uses straight barbells to make the piercing.

#4. Tongue tip piercing

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Also known as snake eyes piercings, this piercing is a type of horizontal piercing that’s placed on the tip of the tongue instead of the middle. It’s also known as the surface piercing, and uses a unique, long barbell that’s inserted into the tongue tip. While it appears to be two pieces of jewellery, it is in fact only one piercing.

Tongue piercings have some of the widest and most impressive varieties in how they’re designed and where they’re placed. From the bottom, to the top, to side-to-side of your tongue, tongue piercers have found many ways to work their art on your tongue. If you’re interested in getting a tongue piercing, check out Body Jewellery today.

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