The Most Bizarre Body Piercings People Have

The Most Bizarre Body Piercings People Have

Body piercings have become more than just casually pricking holes in your ears. The body modification community is constantly pushing the limits of what it means to actually decorate your body. Though it may not be for everyone, there are a significant amount of people in the US alone who have the weirdest, most bizarre body piercings. Let’s take a closer look at what they look like.

Triple Tongue Piercings

Although tongue piercings aren’t as unconventional, triple tongue piercing is not something you see every day. Also known as “Snake Eyes,” the triple tongue consists of piercing three holes on the tip of your tongue and inserting three stainless steel studs.

Dermal Piercings

Micro dermal piercings consist of a single insertion in the sub-dermal layer of the skin and implanting a piece or multiple pieces of silver or gold jewelry. This makes it seem like the studs are stuck on your body, but in reality, the studs are pierced in. The most common place to get dermal piercings is on the neck. Some people get them done below the neck where the chest begins, while others go for different places like behind the neck or below the ear near the jugular vein.

Nose-Bridge Piercings

Defy tradition and break the shackles of ordinary with nose-bridge piercings. Similar to the process of placing dermal piercings, an insertion is made on the bridge of your nose, right underneath the eyebrows. The piercing specialist pulls the skin of the bridge, makes the hole, and inserts a silver bar with round circular ends.

Metal Dimples

So what if you weren’t born with natural dimples? You can add some dimples to your smile through a minor body modification procedure. Believe it or not, you can pierce dimples into your cheeks. Getting your face pierced is no easy task; it’s a painful process, and you need to be super careful when taking care of them. However, we can’t deny that the results are adorable.

Philtrum Piercings

Also known as the Medusa piercings, this piercing is done using the dermal method right in the centre above your upper lip and right below the tip of the nose. This is considered to be one of the most painful spots to get a piercing done. To add more style to your face, you can pair the philtrum with a standard septum piercing. This will not only give you an edge, but you can glam it up by adding bedazzled studs and a gold ring for your septum.

Body modification is an extremely personalized way to express yourself. Your body is your own, and you can choose to decorate however you like. There are plenty of other unconventional piercings that people get every day, but this list covers the most bizarre body piercings that we see around us.



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