Top 5 things things to consider before getting a facial piercing!

Top 5 things things to consider before getting a facial piercing!

These days, when you walk down the street in public, you’ll probably find it harder to spot people that DON’T have piercings, than people that do have them. More than 1 in 2 individuals now has a body piercing of some sort, which is testament to just how popular they really are. When we think of common piercing locations, the first body part that immediately springs to mind for many of us is the earlobe, or ear in general. In actual fact however, facial piercings are now more common and popular than ever before, with common locations including: the nose, the eyebrow, even the chin. If you like the look of certain facial piercings, and have perhaps been contemplating getting one, or more, for some time, there are certain things that you must first consider. Although it would be nice if we could stroll down the street one day, walk into a shop and get our faces pierced with no consequences at all, sadly the real world doesn’t work like that. If you’re thinking of getting a facial piercing, here are 5 things to consider:

The cost – Although piercings aren’t generally considered all that expensive, if you have your piercing done by a professional studio, using specialist equipment, which we very strongly recommend, you will pay more than you would if you were to get yourself pierced down at the local mall, or by the sea. We know that times are tough, and that every penny counts, so for that reason, if you are strapped for cash, it is strongly recommended that you wait until you know that you can definitely afford the piercing. It isn’t just the piercing you have to consider, as there are also various ointments, creams, and aftercare and hygiene products that you will also need to buy, on a regular basis, which can again, be pretty pricey. Then of course, there’s new jewelry in the future. If you aren’t quite financially stable just yet, either save up, or wait a while until you are.


Where to get it done – As mentioned, it is strongly recommended that you have your piercing performed at a professional studio, by a professional who has all of the best kit and equipment. Rather than piercing guns made from plastic for example, you want a studio that uses professional needles as they are far more hygienic, and in actual fact, far less painful as well. Don’t just go to the first place you come across, take your time, research online, and perhaps ask other people for suggestions and recommendations.


How good are you with pain? – Okay, although facial piercings aren’t as painful as you may have imagined, they are still pretty painful, because, let’s face it, you’re having a hole punched through your flesh. If you aren’t all that great with pain, again, you may wish to reconsider, or at least look up parts of your body that are less painful to pierce than others. There are numbing creams you can use that will help, but if you aren’t too good with pain, it is worth bearing in mind that all piercings hurt.

Will it affect your employment/future employment chances? – Although it’s not really fair to judge people based upon their appearance, the sad reality is that not many companies are going to want to hire somebody with multiple piercings in, and around, their face. Even if you have just one piercing, in your nose, or on your lip perhaps, this could still hurt your chances of finding a job, or could land you in trouble in your current place of employment. For example, if your boss does ask you to remove a new piercing, if you keep having to take it out several days each week, it will not heal properly and perhaps worse still, it could become infected. If you’re happy that getting the piercing/piercings, won’t cause you any professional problems at all, you’re then good to go.

Will you need to remove it for other reasons? – If you play sports regularly, or have to wear masks or facial apparatus at work, obviously your piercing/piercings would need removing, and as mentioned previously, if you have to keep taking them out, they will eventually grow out or be rejected entirely, or possibly become infected. If you play sports, never risk leaving them in because all it takes is one nasty knock, or one trip or fall, and you could potentially be left with a gaping hole in your face where your piercing has been ripped out.

What else should we consider before getting a new facial piercing?


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