10 Most Painful Piercings - Voted by You

Posted on 22 February 2018

Firstly, Thank you to everyone who voted and helped form this list of the most painful piercings to get pierced.
I am seriously shocked at the list to be honest, some of those piercings you believe wouldn't hurt that bad made it to the top of the list and others way further down then i ever thought.. Let's Check it out
From the lest painful piercing to the number one voted painful piercings are..
10 - Dermal/Surface Piercings
9 - Industrial Piercing ( I have heard some painful stories about this one )
8 - Nipple ( Seriously? OMG OUCH )
7 - Tragus ( Mine didnt hurt at all )
6 - Eyebrow Piercing
5 - Intimate Piercings ( oh this has to be untrue? )
4 - Tongue Piercings ( mine wasnt so bad )
3 - Cartilage Piercings 
2 - Lip Piercings ( yeah i can see this being at the top )
1 - Nose Piercings ( mine wasnt pain it was pressure that killed me )
Do you agree with the list we created together? It amazes me how some piercing's can hurt some people and others feel nothing. 
My number 1 most painful piercing was the 2nd time i got my tongue pierced, they went thru the healed cartilage skin and i wanted to scream then came the blood.. that is something i would never do again!
Tell us your painful piercing experiences below! 

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