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    Monthly Subscription Club


    Our Monthly Clubs are the best in the business, We have created sets that will blow your mind with 4 pieces in each subscription valued over $35 to $45 Dollars for just $24.99 Free Shipping Australia Wide.

    That's just $6 including shipping cost per pieces. Plus every 3 months we will send you a FREE Gift to say thank you for subscribing. That equals each year too 52 Unique Pieces of Jewellery directly to your door. Its like Christmas every month.

    We have added a few choices  inside the piercing types to nail down what you really want or get a mix of piercing styles. 

    So if you only wear nose rings, you can pick just nose rings - you wont get any L shape or Pins. Receive what you want every month.

    Piercing Styles Currently Available

    Nose Piercings

    Belly Piercings

    Tongue Piercings

    Industrial Piercings

    Septum Piercings

    Nipple Piercings

    Ear Piercings