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7mm Silicone No Pulling Piercing Disc

7mm Silicone No Pulling Piercing Disc

By: Pierced n Proud

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LobeLove™ piercing discs are the ultimate solution to cure your nose piercing bump! In fact, our miracle discs work on almost all hypertrophic scars and piercing bumps and typically work within just 2-4 weeks!

Wave goodbye to your unsightly piercing bump!

The LobeLove Healing Disc comforts, protects and heals!

This miracle silicone piercing disc has three main uses:

1. Comforts new piercings whilst swelling is present.

2. Protects the piercing and surrounding area from irritation and possible jewellery embedding.

3. Heals hypertrophic scarring within 2-4 weeks!

Available in packs of 5 or 10, wholesale pricing is available.

*Jewellery in photos not included.

Note: If you are at all concerned with your piercing we strongly advise you to visit your local piercer or doctor. While our discs heal the majority of piercing bumps, there tends to be a root cause for the bump. This may be inappropriate or poor-quality jewellery causing the issue, so it's always worth visiting a professional.

While it is common for the term piercing bump and keloid to be interchangeably used, they are not the same thing. Our discs will not work on a true keloid and we highly recommend you visit your doctor if you believe it to be a piercing keloid.

Type: Piercing Aftercare
Brand: LobeLove™
Material: Clear Medical-grade Silicone
Diameter: 7mm
Hole: 1.6mm (14g)
Fits: 1mm - 2mm (18g - 12g) Jewellery

  Sold in Single Pieces or in packs

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Absolutely brilliant!

My labret is always pulling and getting dragged through my lip due to tiny bottoms on 14k posts. These discs have eliminated that altogether! I absolutely recommend this item, if you have similar problems or if you have piercings that rub uncomfortably or won’t heal properly.

Lid B.
GAMECHANGER!! Wish I'd found these earlier

I've had my belly piercing for around 5 months and haven't been able to get it downsized. I was 90% sure the irritation bumps on the top and bottom of my piercing were because of the fact that my bar was too long and creating too much movement (I also subconsciously knock it and move it around in my sleep so that contributed). In just 1 day the the discs stopped my piercing from moving around so much and reduced my bumps to less than half of their original size. After just 2 days my bumps are nearly gone, I wish I could insert photos. I've been dealing with these pesky bumps for around 2 months and tried a bunch of at home remedies eg. just spraying it with saline, leaving it alone, aspirin paste, tea trea oil the whole bunch! with no results. I didn't have much expectations going into this as I've heard mixed things all over the internet, however if you're hesitating like I did just bite the bullet!. TOTAL gamechanger I wish I used these for my other 12 piercings would've saved me so many headaches. I also expected my order to take a week minimum but arrived in 2 days and had the cutest stickers inside, not sure why I never knew about this website but I'll be shopping with pierced n proud again. :)


The disks work well for healing and my piercing isn’t sore at all. It is a bit tricky to clean them because I really have to get under the disc to clean them. Overall the piercing discs work well


Very good quality, just very easy to lose as they’re so small

Chrissy D
Silicone Disc

I’ve just started to use the silicone disc and after two days the piercing lump is noticeably smaller.