8 Reason's Why Body Piercing's Ruin Your Life!

8 Reason's Why Body Piercing's Ruin Your Life!

No matter what you do, someone will always find a reason's to disagree. Here are my top 10 reason's i've been told my piercings will ruin my life and my smartass replies.

1. No one will hire you with them!

Good, I don't want to work for a closed minded person or company anyways!

I will start my own business and be the boss and hire beautiful pierced people! (true story)

2. Everyone is going to judge you looking like that!

I get judged without them too, at least i get to express myself and give people a reason to judge me. 

3. Tongue piercing's ruin your teeth and smile.

OMG, I could break a tooth on a piece of candy too!

4. It's going to get infected all the time and cause your face to blow up.

Please! I keep my piercings cleaner then you keep your under wear!

5. Your going to scar your body.

Yes that is a possibility and I could fall over and scar myself that way too.

6. Your so beautiful why have you done this to your face?

Are you saying im not beautiful now? 

7. Your just going to regret getting them!

Not as much as i regret dating my last boyfriend. 

8. I bet they get caught on everything and are so annoying.

Your face is annoying!

It doesn't matter what i say to why i have piercings and tattoo's, it will never be a good enough answer so i chose to be a funny smartass when people feel the need to butt into my private life.

What are things people say to you? How do you reply?

Comment below and let us know 


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