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Didn’t receive this. Waiting for a refund but no reply to my email.

Did not receive, need refund please

I paid for these & did not receive them. I sent an email requesting a refund & got no reply.

super cute, amazing quality! fastest shipping ever!!


Very comfortable. My regular ear-piercings are sensitive so I have to be careful with the rest as far as quality jewellery is concerned. Never had a problem buying from here!


Perfect size for tragus and so shiny! Completes my lunar theme perfectly.

Top quality, will definitely be buying more


Not too big or small, the Goldilocks sized owl for my tragus! Lovely silver finish,wee dark eyes,very pretty,sits perfectly too. Doesn't spin like a windmill either. Love it!

Took for ever to get my items

Im sorry we got covid and didnt want to slread it as per our email to everyone

I ordered 3 and only got 1, I emailed them about it but I’ve herd nothing, bit rude to pay $15 for 1 piece of jewelry

Please check your bank you were refunded the same day we got your message.

Didn't get product ordered.
Numbing cream didn't work at all.
Waste of money!

Pretty earring

Very pretty, quality earrings. They are very tricky to put in a tragus piercing due to the ball backing. I eventually got it secured, but it took most of the morning fiddling around with it.

There's definitely some good stuff in here and they're good quality just wish there was more variation especially for the price but overall pretty happy with it

Did not receive. Tried to contact the support. They answer me saying that I was right and they’re going to send it again. But never received. Tried to contact again no reply.

These healed my nose bump! Thank you

These silicone discs got rid of my nose bump in days. Thank you pierced & proud for making these! My nose piercing was forming the dreaded bump and these silicone discs created a flat gap between my skin and the piercing so that it could heal flat and prevented the pressure bump from forming. Now it has completely healed.

Rose gold plated

Chipped first time using. Everything else is amazing

Nose Grab Bags

They're great, even better is that you can request what size you'd like by sending them a message before ordering.

Nipple monthly club

Happy with the purchase only the postage time is very slow