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NEW & IMPROVED - 10 Pieces GET 2 FREE Silicone No Pulling Piercing Disc - Pierced n Proud

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Hey Piercing Lovers! 

Struggling with Unhealed, Aching Piercings? We Can Help!

Love Your Piercings Again: Grab 10 Pieces + 2 Free Silicone Love Lobe Healing Piercing Discs

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  • Non-Irritating materials - Made from medical grade silicone, minimizing the risk of allergic reaction.

  • Easy Application and Removal - Love Lobe healing disc are designed for easy to insert where needed.

  • Protection - Lobe Love Healing disc are designed to provide a protective barrier between jewellery and the skin, reducing irritation, rubbings and pilling on the piercing site.

Product Details

  • Type: Piercing Aftercare
  • Brand: LobeLove™
  • Material: Clear Medical-grade Silicone
  • Diameter: 7mm
  • Hole: 1.6mm (14g)
  • Fits: 1mm - 2mm (18g - 12g) Jewellery

Delivery & Return

Our policy is valid for 30 days. We are unable to offer you a refund or exchange if 30 days have passed after your purchase. Your item must be unused and in the same condition as you received it to be eligible for a return. It also has to be in its original packaging. Several items are excluded from being returned. Returning perishable products is not possible.

3 miracle benefits of 

silicone piercing disc

Rapid Healing

LobeLove™ Piercing Discs have proven efficacy in healing hypertrophic scarring and piercing bumps. Within a short span of 2-4 weeks, you can experience significant improvements, achieving a smooth and flawless look.

Comfort And Protection

The Lobe Love Healing Discs are specifically crafted to offer a layer of protection and promote optimal healing for your piercings. These discs act as a barrier between your jewellery and the delicate skin of your piercing, effectively minimizing irritation, rubbing, and the development of pilling on the piercing site.

Versatile Solution

LobeLove™ Piercing Discs are not limited to nose piercings alone. They are highly effective in treating piercing bumps and hypertrophic scars across various types of body piercings. This versatility ensures that you can address any piercing-related issue with confidence.

4 Simple Steps to Relief Painful Body Piercings

01. Cleanse the Piercing

Before applying the piercing disc, ensure that your piercing is clean and free from any debris or bacteria.

02. Place the Piercing Disc

Take the piercing disc and position it over the piercing site. Ensure that the hole in the disc aligns with the hole of your piercing.

03. Secure the Jewelry

If you already have jewelry in your piercing, carefully insert it through the hole in the piercing disc. Ensure that the jewelry is properly secured and fits comfortably. 

04. Monitor and Maintain Feel healing

Keep an eye on your piercing while wearing the piercing disc. Follow the piercer guidelines keep the piercing clean and healthy.

Why LobeLove™ Piercing Lovers best choice

Not only do these discs provide a practical solution to alleviate discomfort and irritation, but they also support the overall healing journey of your piercings. By maintaining a clean and protected environment, the Lobe Love Healing Discs promote optimal healing conditions, helping you achieve the desired results for your piercings in a comfortable and hassle-free manner.

Features for choose



Non-Irritating materials
Easy Apply and Removal
Rapid Healing
Happiness Guaranteed

Get Your Beautiful

Piercing look TODAY!

  • Non-Irritating materials

  • Improve piercing bumps

  • Heals hypertrophic scarring within 2-4 weeks

"Very Happy with purchase thank you."

Mason Cooper

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Customer Reviews

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Amy Primrose
These healed my nose bump! Thank you

These silicone discs got rid of my nose bump in days. Thank you pierced & proud for making these! My nose piercing was forming the dreaded bump and these silicone discs created a flat gap between my skin and the piercing so that it could heal flat and prevented the pressure bump from forming. Now it has completely healed.


So happy. piercings are pain free for the first time