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    Pierced and Proud Body Jewellery does not Personally Manufacture any of the items in our store. 

    Material information is given as provided by our Suppliers and Pierced N Proud Body Jewellery takes No Responsibility for errors in Material Information.

    316L Surgical Steel:

    Implant quality 316L Surgical Steel is used in all our surgical steel body jewellery.  This is the most common material used in body piercing jewellery due to its resistance to corrosion, low maintenance, and familiar shine.  Quality surgical steel also has great compatibility qualities and is great for most people to wear.  316L Surgical Grade Stainless Steel is also used for medical and dental implants.

    Solid Titanium:

    Most of the Solid Titanium sold by My Body Piercing Jewellery is made from Implant Grade 23 Titanium (Ti6AL4V ELI).  Some are Grade 5 and are clearly defined as such.  Titanium jewellery is lightweight, high corrosion resistant and is hypoallergenic, which means this jewellery is perfect for anyone with allergic reactions or sensitivities to metal.

    Titanium Anodised:

    Titanium is anodized over the implant grade surgical steel jewellery giving it the same qualities as Titanium jewellery (hypoallergenic) as well as giving the jewellery an amazing coating of bright and bold colour.

    14Kt Gold Plated:

    We use the same 14Kt gold from our Solid Gold range to plate implant grade surgical steel jewellery, allowing you to get the look of luxurious gold jewellery at a fraction of the price.

    Solid Gold:

    Amazing styles and designs are available in our stunning range of 14Kt Solid Gold jewellery.  All Solid Gold jewellery carries the Geniune 14Kt imprint.


    Acrylic and glass jewellery is a great option for anyone with sensitivities to metal.  Acrylic is a popular choice for body jewellery due to its amazing range of colours and styles.  It is very lightweight and easy to wear.  Some styles of acrylic jewellery are UV, blacklight and glow in the dark, and bright, vivid solid colours.


    Bioflex/PTFE jewellery has some amazing properties.  It is hypo-allergenic, bendable, auto-clavable and non-magnetic.  It is perfect for use in hospitals and when getting x-rays.  It is a perfect for anyone wanting a little more flexibility in their jewellery.


    The organics range of body jewellery has, arguably, the most creative and stunning designs.  Organic materials include bone, horn, wood, semi-precious stone, mother of pearl shell and abalone shell.  Apart from the incredible styles available, Organic are very popular due to  the fact the jewellery is natural, can 'breathe' and keeps steady with your body temperature.  All this allows this exotic style of jewellery to 'fit' in with your body in a healthier way.   Although a little more care is required to keep organic jewellery looking and feeling their best.

    Please note that bars/posts will be made from the stated material, but other parts such as dangles and shields may be made form rhodium plated over brass or copper. 

    Gems are made from quality Cubic Zirconia unless otherwise stated. 

    Please Note Colours May Differ Slightly Due to Computer Monitors and Settings.