A guide for getting your first piercing

A guide for getting your first piercing

A guide for getting your first piercing

Alright boys and girls, you have spent endless hours staring at pictures online of the dream piercing, you’ve made up your mind and finally you’re positively ready for that piercing you just HAVE to have. So where do you go from here? You have the great luck of being born in this day and age of the internet and all the knowledge and experience of people that already have gotten pierced in every place imaginable. I personally have experience with facial piercings. That is why I have decided to make this little guide for all of you out there that have decided to take the plunge. It is my goal to make choosing, getting and taking care of that first piece of metal through your flesh as easy, safe and painless (ha-ha) as possible. Sound good? Let’s get started then!


Choosing the best piercer for you!

While this may seem like an easy breezy step at first, trust me when I say, it’s by far one of the most vital. Please, for the sake of your safety, do not just walk into the first tattoo shop you see and ask for a piercer. By all means, do check out and support your local shops, but keep in mind, this is a hole you are going to allow have in your body, assuming you don’t want an infection or a sloppy crooked piercing, assuming you want a piercing to last, you want to get the most careful, experienced person possible! I can’t stress this enough, the number one thing to look for is someone who uses CLEAN AND STERILE EQUIPMENT! Feel free to ask for recommendation from friends with piercings, and make sure to avoid places with bad reputations (duh). Look around at a few places before deciding which shop/piercer is for you. Ask to see portfolios, talk to the piercers, find out how much experience they have, how much they care, what they charge etc.



You did it! You found your perfect piercer, you got best friend to hold your hand and got a new hole! Maybe you even cried a little, hell for some piercings that go near your sinuses like the septum it’s almost impossible not to tear up. Congrats, push through that initial discomfort and enjoy the adrenaline rush. Now what do you do next?? You keep that sucker as clean as possible, that’s what! How do you do that? In my own personal experience, saline solution is your best friend! Things that are going to happen with your piercing: initially there may be some bleeding, swelling, bruising or tenderness. There also will be some whitish-yellow fluid secretion, and maybe some itching. Don’t freak out, this is a pretty normal reaction, just make sure that there isn’t pus, don’t remove your jewelry, and CLEAN your piercing regularly. Wash your hands before and after cleaning a piercing and generally leave it alone except to clean it. I loved H2Ocean solution for my aftercare, but everyone’s body is different. Be sure to ask your piercer about after care recommendations they may have as well.


What to avoid

There are unfortunately lots of things that could make your piercing scar badly, not heal as well or as quickly, or just generally make your piercing experience not feel so great. That is why I am including a list of don’ts. Feel free to again talk to your piercer and even your doctor about recommendations they may have as well. As I have said before, everyone’s body is different.

Avoid using certain products to clean your piercing that could be too harsh or aggressive such as alcohol, harsh soaps, hydrogen peroxide, Bactine® etc.

  •  As much as you want to keep that area clean, DO NOT over clean either. This could irritate your piercing and delay the healing process. Not fun.
  •  Try not to touch or play with your jewelry in that area, wearing clothes that could rub, pull or generally irate that area, or activities that could pull, rub or cause trauma to your pierced area. All of these things seem obvious, but even seemingly mundane and safe activities could become irritating in the first little while of your healing process, keep this in mind!
  •  Don’t submerge your piercing in unhygienic bodies of water. That includes hot tubs, rivers, lakes, pools, etc. If it absolutely cannot be avoided, use a waterproof bandage, available at most drugstores.
  •  Do not use makeup, lotion, body spray, or anything of the like near your piercing for the first while of your healing period. These things will irritate you and possible prolong the healing process.
  •  Please don’t change your jewelry or hang charms from it until it is fully healed. It will not be worth how cool you look/feel if it causes an infection or tear.

So there it is; a general guide for beginners 1st piercings. I hope you find it useful! Have a safe and great experience and don’t forget to rock your newest jewelry, you sexy devil you!


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