Changing your new lip piercing? Let it heal

Changing your new lip piercing? Let it heal

Everyone wants to change their piercing bar as soon as they can, now i don't blame you as its a boring silver bar or hoop but if you change it too early, it can get a major infection and you will have to remove it all together so be patient and good things will come.

The Lip/Labret Piercing is one of the fastest healing times with a 4 to 8 week wait. Which inst long when you compare it to many ear piercing that have a good 9 to 12 months to heal.  

The lip/labret has so many options when it comes to picking a new piece or 10 of jewellery. The possibilities are rally endless. If you want to stick with the plain bar or mix up to a gem or coloured ball or spike you just need to remove the top and change it over.

Normally you will need to go down to 8mm bar from the swell bar that should be in the lip as it will swell up after first pierced.

I just love a good lip ring, the come in many forms. Captive had been the most popular until the annealed and clicker rings were created and now it has become so easy to insert and remove your lip piercing.

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