Gauge - The Thickness of a Piercing Bar - Your Guide is Here

Gauge - The Thickness of a Piercing Bar - Your Guide is Here

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GAUGE - This is the most Confusing thing about Body Piercing Jewellery coz its kinda backwards. Thin is higher number then thicker.. here is a little go to guide to help.

Nose - pierced with 18g or 20g. After healing 18g thick to 22g thin is possible to wear.

Lip - pierced with 14g or 16g. Men with big lips would suit 14g thick, staying with 16g but using shorter bars is recommended after healing.

Belly - pierced with 14g. Im yet to come across a belly bar not 14g thickness but now available as small as 6mm length depending on your piercings. 14g 10mm is average

Eyebrow - pierced with 14g or 16g. Mainly 16g unless you have large features then 14g will suit as its thicker. Once healed you change to a shorter bar but stick with pierced size.

Lobes - 16g or 18g depending on where you go. But after healing your options are wide and wonderful.

Upper Ear - Cartilage Daith Helix Tragus etc are mainly pierced with 16g. You will be stuck with the bar you were pierced with for a while as they can take time to heal. Then move to 16g shorter 8mm or 6mm bars will best.

Industrial - 14g or if you have smaller ears some piercers will do 16g or just refuse to pierce (insert sad face) length is the most important. Too short and you will get infections and bumps that you do not want. We do sell lobelove Silicone healing disc that you can get place as your new piercing is done to prevent alot of issues with all piercings. Pm me for more info.

If you need any help we are just a message away. Hope this helps a little

Owner and Pierced N Proud

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