Nose Piercing & Jewellery Tips for Every Face Shape

Nose Piercing & Jewellery Tips for Every Face Shape

Each and every one of us was born and built in our own unique shape and dimensions. We’re shown what style of clothing go well with what type of body shape on just about every fashion magazine and runways, so we thought we would do a style guide for the beauty behind each and every nose shape and the piercing that flatter them.
Not only has there been a flux in nose piercings as of late, there has been an equally delightful influx in the type and combinations of nose piercings and body jewelry that are more flattering that they have ever been. We hope that this mini guide will help you select the piercing jewelry that works best for your nose shape. And if you don’t have any nose piercings yet, there is still information on this guide that can help you decide which nose piercing can be most flattering.


It All Started with Denzel Washington

(Wait, what? Didn’t you say nose piercings and jewelry tips? Why are we talking about Denzel?)
The reason we bring this amazing actor to light is that he is considered to be one of the most symmetrical faces on the planet. This actor’s’ appearance became a hot topic as we discovered that “perfection” when it comes to studying the “attractiveness” of the human face, is done largely unconsciously; our primitive minds are trained to seek our symmetry as a way of ensuring genetic excellence. So what does this mean? Symmetry signals health, viable partners for our primitive minds.
So it’s no wonder that nose has become the centerpiece and focal point of the face. Nose piercings can do wonders in balancing the face and helping us to “dress” the nose in a way that flatters it shape, size, and orientation.


best_body_jewelryFor the Wide Nose

For those of you that have a wider nose, as in the nostrils may be more wide set and noticeable, septum piercings are great at lengthening out the center of the nose. Just don’t go too big with the piercing jewelry. Stick to simple, sleek body jewelry in gold or silver (whichever goes better with your skin tone) to help visually lengthen out the nose.

For the Narrow Ones

For the narrow nose with small nostrils, a traditional nose piercing is the best piercing. Since this type of nose is often cartilaginous and thin walled, decorating the nostril itself helps to create more width. A hoop or simple stud can really dress up this type of nose and give it a nice “oomph”.

Small, upturned Nose

This nose type goes great with a gemmed or jeweled nose stud on a traditional nose piercing done on the nostril. For the most part, a septum piercing on this nose type can be overwhelming and if the septum of the nose is exposed from the upturned nose, it may not be the most flattering. For this nose, hands down, a traditional nose piercing over a septum.

For the Flared Nose

If you naturally flared nostrils and have always thought of taking the attention fully away, this might be one time you may want to do the opposite. A double nose piercing on each side can flatter this type of nose by simply using what you already have. Jewelry should be kept simple and elegant to really make this look a winner.

Bulbous Tip

If you have this type of nose, a septum piercing with a septum clicker or hanger can be flattering. It seems counterproductive but for some, a septum piercing with a beautifully gemmed clicker can create depth and elegance at the tip of the nose, bringing the focal point off of the “bulb” and to the upper lip.

For the Crooked Nose

For this type, figuring which side of the nose is off balance is key. For instance, if you have one nostril that is slightly higher than one side, a hoop on a traditional nose piercing on that side can help to balance out the nose. Using neutral tones such as rose gold complement and even our the difference.

The Nose Knows What It Needs

There are so many variations of orientation, bumps, and lumps associated with the uniqueness of each nose, this is certainly not a panacea to solve all symmetry issues. What we are saying is that there are ways to compliment each nose type and size with certain piercings and body jewelry. We all know that one girl who has the perfect nose piercing and rocks it so naturally like she was born with it… that is what we mean; the piercing and the jewelry he/she is wearing fits their face like a glove. We all can find that piercing that complements and adds to our beauty.
Use your best judgment to decipher what type of nose shape and if you need guidance, be sure to speak to your body piercer about your concerns before getting the piercing or when switching out. A good piercer has a ton of experience with nose piercings and can guide you to your best piercing and jewelry. If you are well healed and ready to experiment with your body jewelry, this is a base guide to explore your nose jewelry. And always, always remember : it’s what makes you happy and comfortable – in no way do we condone “blaming you nose type”, we simply suggest experimenting to find what is your most complementary piercing style.

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