Thoughts on under 16 Year Old Piercings? Is 16 Old Enough?

Thoughts on under 16 Year Old Piercings? Is 16 Old Enough?


Do you think 16 is old enough to decide if they can get a piercing?

This is now law in Victoria and NSW Only, everywhere else under 18 must have parents written permission! 

I just read that NSW allows 16 year old to get intimate piercings, I don't agree with this at all, i don't believe anyone under 18 should be able to get those types of piercings until they are a legal age to drink, We have to wait to be able to buy alcohol, i think we should have to wait to get our nipples and privates pierced.

I was 12 when i first got my nose pierced and i believe nose and ear piercings should be ok without parents permission, I was about to start high school and it provided some sort of confidence to have my nose pierced, I think we all deserve the right to feel we are in control of our bodies and can express ourselves to a point..

At 13 I got my tongue pierced for the first time and I lied about my age to get it, it was very easy back then to get pierced at a young age. This piercing caused alot of teeth damage and i wish I had waited but at 13 you don't care about things like that which is why the new law to have parents permission is ok with me, parents see things teenagers don't, they give another view on the situation and like most teens they won't agree but I think they need it. 

I believe Nose Piercings and Ear Piercing'd should NOT need Parents permission or be 16 to get them.

I believe Tongue and facial piercings should be at least 16 with parents permission as they can cause alot of problems.

I believe any type of intimate piercings that cant be seen, you should have to be legal and over 18. 

What are your thoughts on under age piercings?

Comment below!
Body-piercings: legal laws
Non-intimate areas
In the Australian Capital Territory, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, and Tasmania, teenagers under 18 years can get body-piercings as long as they can make a sound and reasonable judgment.
In Western Australia, teenagers under 18 years can get body-piercings with their parents’ permission.
In Victoria and New South Wales, teenagers under 16 years need their parents’ permission for body-piercings. As a parent, you have to say where the body-piercing can be.
Intimate areas
In New South Wales, body-piercers aren’t allowed to give teenagers under 16 years piercings in intimate areas, like the genitalia or nipples, even if teenagers have parental permission. 
In Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia, the same applies to teenagers under 18 years.
In the other states and territories, there are no specific rules about piercings in intimate areas.


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