What Jewellery Can I Wear In My Eyebrow Piercing?

What Jewellery Can I Wear In My Eyebrow Piercing?

Eyebrow piercings are timeless mods that emphasize an important part of our face. The brows are related to expressiveness and help to show emotions, making them a perfect candidate for a piercing location.

You might think that eyebrow piercings are limited to "eyebrow jewelry," as in a specific kind of curved barbell jewelry that is made specifically for your eyebrow... But this simply isn't the case! Eyebrow piercings have a surprising amount of flexibility when it comes to the jewelry that can be worn in them.

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Know Your Gauge


Most importantly, you'll need to know the gauge of the needle you were pierced with. The size of the piercing needle directly correlates to the size jewelry you'll need to wear.

Gauge refers to the thickness of the jewelry, i.e. the diameter of the metal barbell that actually resides inside of your piercing.

Most eyebrow piercings are done at 16g, which means the needle/jewelry will be 1.2mm thick. Assuming you were pierced with a 16g needle, this means any 16g jewelry should fit just fine. As long as your jewelry is 16g in size, you should be able to wear it in your eyebrow.

If by chance you were pierced with an 18g needle or have a special sized piercing (ask your piercer for clarification), you'll need to invest in some 18g jewelry instead.

Curved Barbells or Horseshoe Rings

These are probably the most common options when it comes to jewelry for your eyebrow, but they certainly aren't your only options.

Curved barbells are the typical eyebrow jewelry look... Just like their name implies, they are a simple, curved barbell that can be easily inserted into the eyebrow for a subtle look. Many curved barbells are simple by design, but they can also come in fun finishes and colors like matte eyebrow rings; colorful anodized titanium eyebrow rings; or opal eyebrow rings.

Horseshoe rings are very similar, but are a bit more of a "circle" in terms of their construction. A horseshoe barbell will provide a similar aesthetic to a curved barbell, with more of the jewelry visible outside of your eyebrow.

Spiral Rings

Aren't these meant for a navel piercing? Not exclusively! As long as your gauge size matches, spiral rings are actually a super unique way to add a bit of flair to your eyebrow piercing.

These loopy barbells are much longer than a curved barbell or a horseshoe ring. They loop around significantly inside of your piercing, offering a pronounced (but very fun) look for your eyebrow mod.

Confused about how to put one of these on? It's actually quite simple, and goes in just like any other piercing. If you're nervous, after removing a ball end of the spiral ring, gently wet your piercing site and the spiral ring with a bit of sterile saline and gently glide the barbell in. Twist it into place until it is "even" inside your eyebrow. Ta da!

BCRs (Ball Captive Rings)

Last but not least is the trusty BCR (ball captive ring). Also known as a CBR (captive ball ring), these fancy little jewelry treasures look like a full hoop with a ball charm. The ball actually keeps the jewelry closed - once you remove the ball from the BCR, you'll notice two little indents. The "hoop" of the jewelry pops into these indents for a snug and secure fit. 

BCRs offer the look of a hoop or ring with just a bit of added decoration. The BCR balls aren't always just shiny and silver (although basic jewelry always makes for a sophisticated look); they come in many different shapes, sizes, and charms!

Remember to be creative! Your body is yours to decorate. 


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