What's Your Next Piercing? Discover Your Perfect Body Adornment!

What's Your Next Piercing? Discover Your Perfect Body Adornment!

Are you itching to get a new piercing but unsure which one suits your unique style and personality? Take this quiz to find out what your next piercing should be! Answer the following questions honestly, and at the end, we'll reveal the perfect body adornment that aligns with your preferences. Let's get started!

  1. What is your preferred jewelry style? a) Minimalistic and dainty b) Bold and statement-making c) Edgy and unconventional d) Classic and timeless

  2. Which part of your body would you like to highlight with a piercing? a) Ear b) Nose c) Lip d) Navel

  3. What best describes your fashion sense? a) Bohemian and free-spirited b) Trendy and fashion-forward c) Rocker and rebellious d) Elegant and sophisticated

  4. How important is it for your piercing to be easily visible? a) Very important – I want it to be noticeable at all times b) Somewhat important – I like to show it off occasionally c) Not important – I prefer a more hidden or discreet piercing d) It doesn't matter to me

  5. Are you open to trying unique and unconventional piercings? a) Yes, I love exploring new trends and styles b) Maybe, as long as it suits my overall aesthetic c) Not really, I prefer more traditional piercings d) No, I prefer classic and well-established piercing options

  6. How would you describe your pain tolerance? a) High – I can handle the pain without any issues b) Average – I can tolerate some pain for the sake of beauty c) Low – I'm a bit apprehensive about pain, but I'm willing to try d) Very low – I have a low pain tolerance and prefer less painful options

  7. Which of the following qualities do you value most in a piercing? a) Versatility – the ability to switch up jewelry styles b) Individuality – a unique piercing that stands out c) Attitude – a piercing that reflects my personality d) Timelessness – a piercing that will age well over the years

  8. How much aftercare and maintenance are you willing to invest in your new piercing? a) I'm dedicated and will follow all aftercare instructions meticulously b) I'm willing to put in a reasonable amount of effort for proper healing c) I'm not too keen on aftercare but will do the basics d) I prefer low-maintenance piercings


Count the number of A's, B's, C's, and D's you selected, and refer to the corresponding piercing below:

Mostly A's: Ear Cartilage Piercing Your next piercing should be an ear cartilage piercing! Embrace the versatility and beauty of this popular piercing. Explore different areas of the ear, such as helix, tragus, or conch, and adorn them with an array of stylish jewelry options.

Mostly B's: Nose Piercing A nose piercing is calling your name! Add a touch of boldness and uniqueness to your look with a nose piercing. Whether it's a classic nostril piercing or a trendy septum piercing, your style will shine through with this striking adornment.

Mostly C's: Lip Piercing A lip piercing is the perfect fit for your edgy and unconventional style! Whether you opt for a labret, monroe, or snake bite piercing, your lip adornment will add attitude and individuality to your overall look.

Mostly D's: Navel Piercing Your next piercing should be a navel piercing! This timeless and elegant choice will accentuate your midriff and exude a sense of sophistication. Show off your fashion-forward side with a beautiful navel piercing.

Remember, this quiz is just for fun and serves as a starting point for your piercing exploration. Always consult a professional piercer for advice on the best piercing options and safety guidelines. Enjoy your piercing journey and embrace the beauty of self-expression through body adornments!

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