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1 x 14g 10mm Red Acrylic Surgical Steel Belly Bar

1 x 14g 10mm Red Acrylic Surgical Steel Belly Bar

By: Pierced n Proud

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Glow in the dark belly bars are a type of body jewelry designed to add a unique touch to a person's appearance. These belly bars are made with special materials that absorb light during the day and emit it back as a bright glow in the dark.

When worn, these belly bars create a striking effect that can be particularly eye-catching in dimly lit environments like clubs, parties, or concerts. They are also popular among people who enjoy attending festivals or raves, as they add a fun and unique element to their outfit.

Overall, glow in the dark belly bars are an exciting and creative way to express one's personal style and add some fun to their look.

  • 316L Surgical Steel Belly Button Ring with Glow in the Dark Balls.
  • 14g 10mm Bar
  • UV, Heat and Light Activated
  • 1 Colour included in this pack
  • Red Balls 

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