• 1 x No Pull Piercing Disc
  • 1 x No Pull Piercing Disc

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1 x No Pull Piercing Disc

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The NoPull Piercing Disc™ was initially designed for the comfort of new piercings, to protect the site from the harsh jewelry backing while swelling is present. The Disc provides a comfortable cushion of soft medical-grade silicone, preventing the jewelry back from causing irritation or the possibility of embedded jewelry.

 They quickly discovered that the Disc was consistently and amazingly helping to heal hypertrophic scarring; a common and stubborn problem that can develop in just about any new or even long-healed piercing!   

 When worn for scarring (the dreaded piercing bump), NoPull Piercing Disc™ has proven, in the majority of cases, to smooth out and even heal this condition safely, quickly, without discomfort, and without anxiety!  The NoPull Piercing Disc™ is worn for (approximately) 2 - 4 weeks. When worn properly, the Disc can provide dramatic results.

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